Maranatha Senoir School

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Principal’s Welcome

Mr. G. Mafara (Principal)

Mr. G. Mafara (Principal)

A warm welcome to you all parents and potential future parents of Maranatha Christian High School, The Resource Centre. MCHS is a conception of the new demand of the present day and future business world which has been a missing link between business and the calibre of schools’ graduates in Zimbabwe.

MCHS was born to bridge this gap hence we aim to produce wholesome graduates   who are God fearing and ready to exploit  business opportunities awaiting them locally and globally.

Whereas traditional schools have been known to generate graduates with an employee-mentality, MCHS is combating this through churning out graduates who, instead of joining the ‘bandwagon’, will shorten the employment-seeking queues by creating employment, graduates who are equipped with entrepreneurial skills and are ripe for ‘entrepreneurial stardom’. We have, as an institution, Christ Centeredness; a wide curriculum and competent teaching staff as our surety to achieving this.

The school has started with a pioneer group of pupils at Forms one; two and Lower Sixth Levels. We urge you parents to, from time to time, check for notices and information to do with the goings-on in the school on the website. Currently enrolment for present day Form ones, twos and Lower sixth is in progress and also enrolment for next year’s Form ones (2013) has started. Application forms are now available from the school Admissions office or they can be downloaded from this website.

MCHS is a strong Christian community with a central goal of supporting parents in their quest to raise their children according to the ways of the Lord.   Enrolling your child or children at Maranatha Christian High has many benefits, the greatest of which is the opportunity for your child to receive one single, consistent Christian message, in line with that taught from home and from church.

Writing as a parent and as a school principal, I cannot emphasise the value of a consistent Christian message highly enough, both taught overtly through a Christian curriculum and modelled covertly by high-calibre Christ-like staff.   Students are taught to think and act according to a Biblical worldview.  It is tragic that so many young people are taught from home and church that Jesus is Lord and that God is central to our lives, yet they are sent to schools where the opposite is taught, both overtly and in subtle ways.

Maranatha families come from a variety of backgrounds and ethnicities. We are a conservative, interdenominational school with students from all over the country.  We emphasise academic excellence and believe the ultimate academic success occurs when Christ is central to learning. We encourage and equip our students to make a full effort in all areas of school life including academic pursuits, sporting endeavours, mission opportunities and all other activities.

I invite you to make a time to come and view our school and talk with me about how we can serve you and your family.

MCHS History of high school

Maranatha Christian High School was founded in January 2012 as a means to create students who are ‘critical thinkers’ in their own right and help ease the burden of parents who want the best out of their children.

With the unemployment rate in the country reaching astronomical highs of over 90 %, the school was established with a shared vision to create an interdenominational Christian High School dedicated to the highest academic standards, where leadership is cultivated and lives are enriched through spiritual formation. Maranatha Christian High aims to produce graduates who are solution providers in every sphere of life. What Zimbabwe needs at the moment are not employment seekers but employment creators, and we have created our syllabus specifically on Entrepreneurship.

Following the 100 percent pass rate achieved by Maranatha Junior in 2010 grade seven results; most parents beseeched the Maranatha group of schools management to open up a high school to cater for their children. Within a space of six months, vast tracts of land were acquired along Harare Drive in Tynwald where construction began for the new school campus. Since this time, Maranatha Christian High has continued to grow and expand both campus facilities and programs offered to the greater Harare community. Throughout these months, Maranatha Christian Schools have won championship titles and numerous individual championship titles in academic, arts and athletic competitions.

Today, Maranatha Christian High School delivers an exemplary college preparatory program in state-of-the-art facilities. With around 50 students, a dynamic faculty and strong leadership among directors, Maranatha Christian High School is becoming the school of choice for families seeking Entrepreneurship and a college preparatory experience in a distinctly Christian environment characterised by rigorous academics and world class co-curricular programmes.