We are independent private schools, with pre-school, junior and high schools offering quality education. The schools were born out of the need to provide quality education to the children from middle and upper class families.

Maranatha High School Concept

Maranatha High School Concept

We are a community of enthusiastic learners and our staff comprises dedicated, passionate and caring professionals. We have small class sizes and dynamic teachers as well as a diverse curriculum.

Students are afforded many special opportunities to expose them to the richness of the world beyond school. We have dynamic teachers who are committed to making school a meaningful and exciting experience for our students.

Maranatha helps students to become active participants in their own learning. We graduate students who are ready for the world with a critical mind and deep understanding of current dilemmas and problems. We also teach our students to identify and seize opportunities around them.

Maranatha Junior School

Maranatha Junior School

Maranatha Schools were born with the conception of Maranatha Junior School in 2009 on February 02 with compliment of 42 children. The school was founded by Develop-IT Zimbabwe (DIZ), a property development company of which Maranatha becomes one of its subsidiary organizations.

This initiative was in response to a shortage of private primary schools in the Mabelreign/Warren Park District and the need to provide education appropriate to the changing local, national and international environment. The school is continually striving to establish itself as a quality institution and it now boasts of a contingent of 22 qualified teachers and a total enrollment of 503 students.

What started as a small school at a temporary site at Tynwald White House and briefly in Avondale has now developed into a fully fledged registered school, which is rapidly earning the respect of all stakeholders in Zimbabwe’s esteemed education sector. Maranatha group of schools has since launched a High School and the first classes of Form One and Form Two opened their doors in January 2012.

We hope you enjoy your virtual tour of our schools via this Website. It is truly an extraordinary place! Please see our Registration section for the most up-to-date information. Maranatha Schools is the best place for your children.


Maranatha Christian Schools aim to be the regional/international resource centre where, academically; spiritually; technically and emotionally well-rounded students are groomed in order to discern and seize opportunities around them.

Mission Statement

To mould children, in a Christian environment, who respect academic life and are technically and vocationally oriented and who have a high regard for entrepreneurial, sporting and cultural excellence.

 Diversity Statement

Maranatha Christian Schools values, cultivates and celebrates cultural, ethnic, religious and academic diversity and is committed to strengthening the students’ vision of honour, community, heritage and scholarship through classroom experiences, curricular programmes and leadership initiatives.


The institution recognizes the following core values:

  • Discipline
  • Integrity
  • Empowerment
  • Respect and
  • Entrepreneurship